28 March

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship in education refers to using digital technologies and other emerging technologies for students in education. It is also known as e-curricular digital learning, digital first, or just D-Curve. This is a joint effort from many educational institutions and

14 March

Big Data in Education

The advent of big data and its various ramifications have become a much talked about topic lately. Educators have realized that teaching and learning can be more effective and even fun when data is used to supplement traditional teaching methods.

07 March

Gamification of Learning

The use of gamification in education is a powerful strategy that combines technological and strategic elements to create positive change. Gamification is the process of incorporating gaming and digital technologies into teaching and learning. These techniques involve the application of

28 February

Equity and Inclusion in Education

Equity and inclusion in education refer to the involvement of people from diverse communities, backgrounds and experiences in all aspects of education. It is an action plan which is successful when students feel that they belong in education whether they

22 February

Time for Bite-sized Learning

In an age where a majority of children have access to the internet, bite-sized learning is becoming more popular. Children can use the web to accomplish all sorts of things, and there are many education programs that utilize the power

21 February

The Genius Hour

What if you could create a genius hour of learning where you can learn a new skill or profession while having fun at the same time?
Genius Hour is an engaging project in both the classroom and often in the

13 January

How to Engage students online

The whole teaching community has been through some quite tough times over the last year, due to the pandemic and the urgency to adopt online teaching. But one of the major struggles of every teacher has been to maintain high