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Teaching in the Years of the Corona

For many educators, teaching online may sound scary as it could involve advanced knowledge of various technological tools and extensive training.

But fear not, teaching online is not as difficult as it sounds.

This book outlines some simple and easy ways to deal with the uncertainty of a pandemic and embark on the journey of online teaching.

May I have your Attention Please?

This book contains valuable information with regard to classroom management.  It tells you why effective classroom management is necessary and important.

Effective classroom management is attainable, although a little difficult. However, with enough discipline and perseverance, you will surely be able to achieve your goals in classroom management.

Engage your online students

According to many educators, although teachers have managed to cover most aspects of their teaching online, student engagement and interest has been really low.

In this book you can find some simple strategies on how to create an online classroom that makes students feel connected, as well as some methods and tools for maintaining high student engagement.


The world today is entering into a new age, with unprecedented events taking place.

Hence, understanding the implications of the crisis today can help us be prepared for other problems we may face in this new age.
In this book, we have detailed all the problems crises like these bring on and potential solutions to tackle these problems in the current global context.