31 May

Student Well-Being

The well-being of students has become a major focus of education in recent years, with research
indicating that academic success can be put at risk when academic challenges make it difficult
for students to cope with physiological and mental challenges.

27 May

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning refers to a variety of activities that are done by teachers, students and parents. It includes everything from field trips to group projects. Many teachers incorporate these activities into lesson plans so that they can cover a wide

16 May

Critical Thinking in Schools

Do you know what critical thinking is? Often in schools, students are taught to express their
ideas or opinions in a way that is not supportive to their real goals. To avoid confusion,
educators need to better understand what it

09 May

Coding in Schools

We have all heard about the importance of coding in schools, and the positive impact that it can
have on our youth. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who seem to think that our children
will not need the skills that

03 May

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is basically organized learning which takes place in the great outdoors.
Outdoor education programmes can include travel or wilderness-based adventures in which
students engage in various adventurous activities like hiking, camping, climbing, canoeing,
kayaking, rucksacks courses and even

28 March

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship in education refers to using digital technologies and other emerging technologies for students in education. It is also known as e-curricular digital learning, digital first, or just D-Curve. This is a joint effort from many educational institutions and