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Our Story

It all started in 1988 when our innovative language school was founded in the town of Schimatari in Central Greece. Our main principles and values have been centred around excellence and innovation since then, with direct emphasis on empowering our students throughout the learning process.

Based in a multi-purpose building, which was specifically designed to be a school, students can enjoy their lessons in a team environment while applying all the latest learning methods and using the latest technology tools.

Since 2014, Key 2 Learn has also been offering online courses to Greek and international students. Our courses are designed according to our core principles and carefully crafted so that they specifically meet our learners’ needs. All our online courses have been designed and are overseen from highly qualified and experienced instructors in the relevant fields. Special care is taken when designing the online courses so as to ensure maximum interactivity and learner acquisition.

Key2learn also offers a fully immersive summer programme that encompasses English lessons, STEM courses, Greek history, social activities, sports and cultural excursions that students can attend throughout their stay in Greece.

Situated in beautiful surroundings near Athens, Key2learn summer school is ideally located for both access to the historic centre of Athens and to other beautiful local attractions. Our summer camp is a perfect opportunity for young learners to learn and have fun, while experiencing a new, exciting part of the world and making lots of international friends.

As students take ownership of their learning, they become more accountable and enjoy the whole process, resulting in easily achieving their learning objectives.

Come and join us in an unforgettable learning journey!

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What People Say

What real people said about Key2learn

girl icon

Ekaterina Fedorenko

Personal Assistant
The Key2learn system is very easy to use, so I learnt the phrasal verbs very quickly.
woman icon

Lucia Hernandez

High School Student
I learnt all the English phrasal verbs in just a few days!
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Alessandro DiMatteo

High School Student
The Key2learn website has helped me gain a better understanding of the English grammar and phrasal verbs.
asian woman ikon

Leslie Lee

University Student
The Key2learn system is very affordable and easy to use.
boy icon

Alessandro DiMatteo

The Key2learn website has helped me gain a better understanding of English grammar and phrasal verbs.

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