Creative Storytelling with Rory’s Story Cubes

Even though there has been much research on the benefits of storytelling in learning, there haven’t been any adjustments in today’s educational system so as to allow room for creativity from students. Therefore, apart from the occasional essay tasks, which are also very structured, students are not prompted to do any kind of creative tasks let alone creatively produce language in written or spoken form.

Fortunately, creative toys such as Rory’s Story cubes allow for the production of language in a creative way. In specific, a typical version of such toy would be composed of 9 dices with each one having 6 different drawings on them. The students can simply role the dices and start storytelling. There are over 10,000 combinations and the possibilities for different stories are infinite, as each student can perceive each drawing in a different way. These stories can even be recorded in any way so as to provide feedback on them.

The application of such toy in a language classroom setting would help a lot any kind of student, especially when it comes to speaking. From the verbal and outgoing student who is striving to find opportunities to share his thoughts and imagination, to the introvert who is too afraid to express any kind of thoughts.

All in all, using Rory’s story cubes can be an excellent filler task in a language classroom setting, in order to engage students more and motivate them to speak in class.